We make the difference

"Laser and light systems planning, installation and maintenance. As a freelance lighting technician, during previous years I have critically evaluated LED technology. Many products on the market failed to meet my required standards of professionalism.

In 2007 the first LED spotlight from LASER IMAGINEERING entered mass production. Since that time we have tried many things and constantly exchanged ideas with leading industry producers. Our challenge: to create new concepts and ideas, constantly searching for the best and latest physical and technical solutions – to offer our customers individual and unique lighting concepts."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sebastian Heise, 

Light – the tool of our dreams

LASER IMAGINEERING is a young, mobile and emerging enterprise that consists of a team of specialists for high-performance LED concepts and efficient lighting systems.

In recent years, our company has continually grown, adding worldwide projects and customers - and the bigger we get, the more space we need: Since 2011, we design, optimize, construct and produce individual high-power spotlights in our new office in Mölln, Germany. Through many stages, a vision becomes an idea. From the ideas comes the designed and ready-packed end product. For flexibility and the demand for high standards, LASER IMAGINEERING stands apart from the mass-production of the Far East.

We see light not only as an essential element of life: For us, light is a creative tool. We offer an all-encompassing service for all electronic solutions and imaginative ideas concerning LEDs and their technologies. Our innovative products are manufactured in our own workshops and in individual production units. Everything from a single source – and always “made and engineered in Germany”. In addition, almost 100 per cent of the production’s electricity is supplied by our own solar energy system. Environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Our Strengths: 

  • Spotlights with high output
  • Special orders custom-made as in-house production offers flexibility and short turn-around
  • Small production units can be implemented in our own workshops 
  • Short lines of communication with strict adherence to agendas 
  • In-house development with controlled product assembly
  • Optimized material flow with high finishing and quality control 
  • Confidence in raw materials from trusted suppliers over many years

We will gladly comply with your individual product request – and make sure that your ideas are technically feasible, at calculated costs.