Berlin’s Alexanderplatz glowing with colour!

Once a year, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS™ shows Germany’s capital Berlin in a special light. Spectacular and unique illuminations on more than 40 landmarks of Berlin, from the Brandenburger Tor to the Siegessäule.

LASER IMAGINEERING took on one of the most demanding light installations: in 2013 Alexanderplatz was bathed in spectacular colors. In this way LASER IMAGINEERING provided a seamless illumination from the floor to the top of the Berlin television tower which at 368 meters is the tallest building in Germany and the fourth tallest freestanding building in Europe - the LASER IMAGINEERING specialists were the only vendor that could implement the requirements with the desired LED technology.

To achieve this, they used the spotlight system C-LED 3000, still one of the world’s most powerful LED spotlights.

On the day of test illumination at the Festival of Lights in 2011 in Berlin, I could not imagine how the team of LASER IMAGINEERING could achieve homogeneous illumination to the top of the TV tower with LED spotlights. I was very impressed with the enormous reach and performance of the C-LED 3000 systems. Six impressive, energy-saving systems were able to illuminate the entire tower in brilliant color

Andreas Boehlke, Managing Director
Hans Boehlke Beleuchtung, Berlin

Architecture – brightly focussed

Every building has its own unique structure and therefore needs many different types of spotlights to illuminate the desired structure with light. Often limits are reached, where standard products cannot achieve the desired effect.

Here the LASER IMAGINEERING team offers a combination of possibilities, such as the Wing series with modular design which is assembled according to customer needs. However, also in special areas LASER IMAGINEERING offers solutions such as the high-intensity C-LED series or the highly specific lighting of the Blade systems.

Projects with Sustained Charisma

As a specialized system manufacturer which can respond to high demands, LASER IMAGINEERING is regularly called in for special projects – from extraordinary architectural illumination to large-scale downtown lighting. For our team, tricky tasks are the driving force behind innovative solutions – where other providers from the sector of mass-production give up, at LASER IMAGINEERING this awakens the spirit of invention. As proof, consider some of our project references: repeatedly with ongoing success. This was how in 2013 on behalf of the Russian government, LASER IMAGINEERING illuminated Moscow’s city center with many thousands of spotlights. To achieve this, the color changer LED from the Frisbee series as well as the BLADE 850 series were used.

The Allianz Arena bathed in green

In truth the Allianz Arena shines only in red, blue and white. This could also be greener, as LASER IMAGINEERING proved in 2013: for this challenge LASER IMAGINEERING used the powerful C-LED 1000 and C-LED 3000 spotlights – a special lighting technology, otherwise the existing lights would have to be replaced.

The action was part of a global campaign – LASER IMAGINEERING was in amongst the finest community: as well as Bayern Munich’s home ground, the Empire State Building, the leaning tower of Pisa and Rio de Janeiro’s statue of Christ the Redeemer were all lit up in Ireland’s national color.

For the Allianz Arena project, 30 C-LED 1000/3000 systems were in use, while the light output was “just” 13 kW – truly green!


We light up the Stars

Spot on! For many years, LASER IMAGINEERING products have played their part in television, theatre, tour and event productions. For example, almost all public-service TV institutions in Germany rely on our products. One of our first and still most loyal customers is the Norddeutsche Rundfunk, with a variety of our spotlight systems in its studios which are used in all kinds of productions. The NDR was involved in the genesis of the first series of LASER IMAGINEERING’s products – and presents glamorous TV moments to this day.

Our Spotlights in the Spotlight

A selection from our reference list:

ARD: Sportschau

Broadcasts from the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver and 2014 in Sochi

Broadcasts of the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Eurovision Song Contest

ZDF:Verstehen Sie Spaß

Deutscher Radiopreis
NDR Talk Show

WDR: Frag doch mal die Maus!

WDR: 1Live Krone

MDR: José Carreras Gala

Phoenix: Polit-Talk Unter den Linden

Additional broadcasters whose productions rely on LASER IMAGINEERING technology: SWR, RBB, RTL, PRO7 among others.


LASER IMAGINEERING shows global firms in their best light at the world’s biggest trade shows - Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, John Deere, Toyota etc. The systems are used at almost all major industry trade shows.


Properly invested – and brightly enthusiastic

Whether it’s a small gala event, a medium-sized industry event or TV/concert tour, these days the technical material in the daily event business is exposed to heavy mechanical stresses and strains.

Lighting systems – equipment in daily use producing impressive optical experiences must also offer value for money.

For precisely these reasons the LASER IMAGINEERING team puts the emphasis on quality supplier products, mechanically highly stable and flexible systems and electronic components designed for durability. We make no compromises when it comes to quality. These points distinguish LASER IMAGINEERING as a manufacturer in Germany.

Sustainable production – to back up your business operations.

Light acrobats with event safety

Whether sports events or large space events – other event organizers, with whom we have worked successfully for many years, swear on LASER IMAGINEERING technology.

We’ve known Mr. Heise from the time he worked with us at events as a freelancer. With the presentation of his first production series, we were truly impressed by the high performance and quality of his LED spotlight systems. Here it’s the versatility and durability that’s important for us in the rough rental business. In the meantime, we have repeatedly extended our portfolio of devices and the annual turnover figures exceed our expectations.

Wolfgang Frahm, Managing Director
Nordlite Veranstaltungstechnik, Hamburg