The SUNBEAM 4C Zoom System

The Sunbeam 4C Zoom LED bars are available in 50 cm or 100 cm lengths, however, they use the 4-color multi-chip emitter from Osram. The red, green, blue and white are in use on an SMD chip.

Each chip provides a power output of 12W at your disposal. By the additional use of the color white, the color combinations of red, green and blue can be desaturated very effectively. Thus a great number of tones and graded soft pastel shades are possible. The wide range of colors is unique. Sunbeam 4C Zoom is the only device in its class to offer a zoom range between 7.5° and 80°. The special feature here is that the zoom works completely free of wear and maintenance. A high-precision 16 bit control ensures more uniform dimming in the critical range from 0 to 10 per cent without sudden brightening of the LEDs.

For this system, special power supplies have been developed by us to ensure optimal functionality and thermal dissipation. The built-in Blade system prevents stray light and direct visibility of LEDs (honeycomb structure).

Product pictures

The SUNBEAM Twowhite System

The SUNBEAM TwoWhite system has nearly the same optical and technical values as SUNBEAM 4C Zoom, but is fitted with LEDs that can be adjusted smoothly between a warm-/ cold white. The TwoWhite system comes without zoom.



4C 100 | TW 100 1007 x 120 x 137mm

4C 50 | TW 50 507 x 120 x 137mm


4C 100 | TW 100 12kg Sunbeam

4C 50 | TW 50 6kg Sunbeam


Sunbeam 4C electronic diffusor

64 bit RGBW-Colour-mixing/32 bit tunable white

2x16 backlit LCD display

Glare-protection System

USITT DMX 512 protocol

ESD protection for DMX connections


Sunbeam 4C

Red 625nm / Green 527nm / 
Blue 453nm / White 6500K

Beam anglel 7,5-80 Grad FWHM

Sunbeam TW

Tunable white 2.700 – 10.000 K

Beam angle 7,5 Grad FWHM
[others optional]

multi chip LEDs TV/HDTV ‚flickerfree‘


85 - 264 VAC 

50/60 Hz 

125/250 Watt

Active PFC